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What Banned Magazine is About

Our goal with this website is to take on the stigma that surrounds the food stamps program. We will focus on providing readers with relevant information to dispute the misinformation that is out there regarding SNAP. We will use data, infographics and write articles on important developments that will affect food stamps recipients. Our objective is to provide a safe place where people on food stamps can find information that will help them maximize the benefits they receive.

Who are the people on food stamps?

According to a report on CNN, more than 42.2 million Americans participated in the food stamp program in 2017. That is down from a high of 47.6 million in 2013. This means that about 13% of the United States Population are on food stamps. The program cost the government $68 billion in 2017.

As of 2016,

  • 44% of food stamp recipients are children,
  • 12% were senior citizens older than age 60.
  • 57% are female, while 43% are male.
  • 36% are white, 26% are black, 17% are Hispanic and 3% Asian. The race of 16% of participants is not known.
  • About 11% are non-elderly Americans with disabilities.

There are threats to the program that we plan to monitor, including proposals to turn the program into some form of government box that is mailed to recipients, which is just an attempt to enrich food suppliers that are going to take freedoms from people’s ability to buy their own food. The Trump food stamps box is a terrible idea and we plan to update readers about it as and when we get more information.


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